• Item Code: AC-11290
  • Seat – Upholstered fabric and high intensive foam
  • Pressure cast aluminium frame with Lifetime Warranty
  • Colour – Multi
  • Stackable- up to 5 units
  • Lead time 8-10 weeks


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This elegant round back chair would be a great feature in any room! Suitable for commercial but also residential use, the powdercoated aluminium chair  has even timber texture and is able to stackable. Stylish and practical, this classic chair is ideal for of a variety of commercial settings.


Width (mm)

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Height (mm)

Seat Height (mm)


Product Origin



Grade A Fabrics


Crypton is a revolutionary fabric system that is changing the textile world. Crypton is engineered to provide performance never before available in upholstery textiles. From the selection of fibers, to the construction of the design, to processing with the patented P385 formulation, Crypton provides permanent protection because every fiber is totally encapsulated to stand up to life’s daily challenges.

Unique Qualities of Crypton:

Exceptional stain resistance: Cleans quickly with just water or mild soap and water.

Moisture barrier: Spills cannot penetrate into the cushions of your upholstery where harmful bacteria molds often thrive.

Anti microbial protection: Crypton is treated to prevent the growth of mildew, molds, fungi and bacteria.

Breathable comfort: The pores in Crypton‘s treatment are large enough to let water vapor pass through but small enough to keep water out.

Extreme strength and durability: Many times stronger than most upholstery fabrics.

This is only a small collection of fabrics available. Please call our friendly staff to make an appointment if you wish to view more on 1300 289 789

Crypton_Fabrics_1_ Mint

1 Mint


610 Buttercup


435 Stone


282 Bisque


246 Aegean


220 Oatmeal


214 Scarlet


202 Cherry


174 Graphite


146 Denim


136 Spice


76 Cadet


33 Persimmon


4 Denim Taupe


3 Teal


3 Green


2 Purple Brown


2 Orange Red


2 Grey


1 Tan











































Grade B Fabrics


Warwick is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers providing premium quality materials to industry specialists since 1966.

From its humble beginnings as a boutique family-owned company, Warwick has grown to include showrooms in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has established an extensive international network to be at the forefront of design and distribution.

Warwick is continuing to meet the evolving needs of today’s competitive global markets by constantly updating collections and pushing boundaries. Today, Warwick’s extensive collections range from classic prints to fashion-forward and contemporary weaves.

Warwick is committed to fulfilling a promise of innovation, quality and service, now and into the future.

Also included is our own HC Group Range of Vinyls

This is only a small collection of fabrics available. Please call our friendly staff to make an appointment if you wish to view more fabrics on 1300 289 789


Warwick Pronto Pewter

Warwick Pronto Chilli

Warwick Pronto Chilli

Warwick Gyro Cascade

Warwick Gyro Cascade

Warwick Pronto Charcoal

Warwick Pronto Charcoal

Warwick Globe Brindle

Warwick Globe Brindle

Warwick Galaxy Brindle

Warwick Galaxy Brindle


Taupe HX001-114 Vinyl

Taupe HX001-114 Vinyl

Light Grey HX001-35 Vinyl

L. Grey HX001-35 Vinyl


Brown HX002-X Vinyl

Brown HX002-X Vinyl

Charcoal HX001-117 Vinyl

D. Grey HX001-117 Vinyl

Black HX001-36 Vinyl

Black HX001-36 Vinyl

Green HX006-2 Vinyl

Green HX006-2 Vinyl























Grade C Fabrics

These are our own budget range of fabrics and vinyls. Please note that the vinyls below are only suitable for the outside back of the banquet chair.

This is only a small collection of fabrics available. Please call our friendly staff to make an appointment if you wish to view more fabrics on 1300 289 789

Black and Gold JSD5001-5 Fabric

B & G JSD5001-5 Fabric

Black and Grey 2013-197 Vinyl

B & G 2013-197 Vinyl

Black JDL 2012-2206 Vinyl

Black 2012-2206 Vinyl

Blue and Bronze SF2036-2 Fabric

B & B SF2036-2 Fabric

Blue and Gold (2) SF14-3 Fabric

B & G (2) SF14-3 Fabric

B & G (1) SF107-3 Fabric

B & G(1) SF107-3 Fabric

Blue F2-2 Fabric

Blue F2-2 Fabric

Bronze 2012-6612 Vinyl

Bronze 2012-6612 Vinyl

Flower JDL2012-9601 Vinyl

Flower 2012-9601 Vinyl

Gold and Brown SF03-7 Fabric

G & B SF03-7 Fabric

Gold and Red SF107-4 Fabric

G& R SF107-4 Fabric

Gold JDL2013-200 Vinyl

Gold JDL2013-200 Vinyl




Aluminium Frame Colours

Aluminium 1 Aluminium 2


Design Consultation

Here at HCCF Commercial Furniture we know how difficult it can be to imagine how a particular product looks in different materials and different colours.

This is where we can help by having our design technicians draw up any product into a 3D Visualisation Program and showing you how they look in different colours or patterns

Have a look at some of our examples below…







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Terms: 50% deposit upon placement of order with remainder to be paid prior to delivery. Deposit payments are non-refundable. 15% restocking fee on any returned goods plus freight to our warehouse.

Returns or exchanges: subject to approval.

Unit prices: Unit prices exclude GST and delivery fee.

Lead times: Current manufacturing lead times will be confirmed upon deposit received. The exact lead times may vary due to factory work load, shipping, customs and freight. Generally 8-10 weeks for standard products and 10-12 weeks for custom made items. Pick-up is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays after payment is received.

Warranty: Warranty varies on all products. Warranty does not cover damage caused by unreasonable or incorrect use, normal wear and tear, or failure to provide proper care and maintenance.

Minimum Order Quantities: MOQ for our table tops and bases is 5. MOQ for our chairs, stools and bar stools is dependent on the chair or stool chosen. Please check the details of the product to find out the Minimum Order Quantity For made to order products (custom made products) there is a minimum purchase order of $2000 +GST.

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