At HC Commercial Furniture, we are committed to providing high-quality products designed to last for as long as possible. The following document outlines HC Commercial Furniture’s guarantee agreement and should be read in the event that a product is faulty or doesn’t meet your expectations.

HC Commercial Furniture at its discretion may repair or replace any goods to remedy any failure due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that such goods may have acceptable variance (as determined by HC Commercial Furniture).

HC Commercial Furniture is not obliged to repair or replace goods or remedy any failure due to faulty workmanship or materials unless the customer supplies it with detailed information on the warranty form provided by HC Commercial Furniture as to the defects in the goods. HC Commercial Furniture is not liable for any collateral damage caused to the customer for any collateral damage accruing to the customer for any faulty work or materials supplied;

(iii) the customer acknowledges that any warranty given in respect of plant and equipment** is the warranty of the manufacturer of the goods and that HC Commercial Furniture is not responsible for such warranties and gives no warranty of its own in respect of the said goods;

(iv) the customer acknowledges the provisions of any Act or law, (including but not limited to the Trade Practices Act 1974) implying terms and conditions and warranties or any other terms and conditions of warranties which might otherwise apply to or arise out of the agreement between HC Commercial Furniture and the customer in relation to the goods, are hereby expressly negatived and excluded to the full extent permitted by law;

(v) the customer further acknowledges that the benefit of this warranty is subject to the customer not being in breach of the HC Group terms and conditions or of any additional agreement which is in place;

(vi) HC Commercial Furniture, or its representatives, being given access to the goods for the purpose of inspection and rectification of any claim;

(vii) the customer not having repaired or undertaken to repair the goods without the prior authorisation of HC Commercial Furniture nor altering the goods in any way;

(viii) the customer having used and maintained the goods in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, their failure not being the result of incorrect or poor maintenance by the customer;

(ix) the customer acknowledging that it has not relied upon any advice given by HC Group, its agents, servants, representatives or employees in relation to the suitability for any purposes of the goods