Stainless Steel Furniture

HC Commercial Furniture, is a world class manufacturer of handcrafted stainless steel furniture which includes: stainless coffee tables, stainless patio/deck tables, stainless end tables, stainless bar/recreation furniture and stainless office tables.

HC Commercial Furniture has manufactured, designed and provided commercial furniture to YUM Group (KFC, Pizza Hut) for more than 17 years.
Design is our zeal and quality is our potency. Our reputation has been built on outstanding product design which can bring you quality and comfort. HC Commercial Furniture design team is skilled, knowledgeable and innovative. This is why we can always furnish you something not just new-fangled and different, but a product which stand to the fore of the rest.

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Stainless Steel Furniture by HCCF

HC Commercial Furniture is fascinated to work with the customers execute their own thoughts and ideas for furniture selection. We are more than happy to grant all possible support to make tailored design a reality.

Over 17 years furniture experience does not just bring us recognition of quality, but also culture of quality. HC Commercial Furniture has a well organized and developed quality control system for sustaining and monitoring our whole process of manufacturing. Our own production amenities and logistics partner make us stand out.

Through our years of experience in the stainless furniture industry and stainless coffee table as well as servicing our clients, we are able to deliver on stainless patio/deck tables, stainless end tables, stainless bar/recreation furniture, stainless office tables in all of our projects.

We are able to intertwine creativity, innovation, and the use of greater quality materials into every project we work on. Thus you can always be secured that we provide you with no less than the top quality furniture.

HC Commercial Furniture has mastered the art of handcrafted stainless steel furniture that is brave, elegant and timeless. Feel free to browse through our assortment of stainless office tables, stainless end tables, stainless coffee tables, stainless patio/deck tables, and stainless bar/recreation furniture.
All items constructed are made either on site or in house workshop. There are no pre-set drawings or designs, everything is created and constructed to your needs.
Because of the way we work, sky is the limit, from towel rails to handrails, from coat hangers to complete stainless steel kitchen surrounds. Also additional developments are speaker stands, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables and fire surrounds.

We also cater for schools and colleges with very high specifications school logos, emblems, etc. And all constructed out of stainless steel.