Who would have thought that café chairs could be easy peasy design elements? Or who has not thought about embellishing obscure corners of their flat or house with café chairs to evoke college memories of coffee houses where friends gathered to share common loves and common grudges? Be it high backed café chairs reminiscent of upscale coffee places or simple stools just enough to sit and which are aptly called minimalistic, the right café chairs can easily transform a lifeless corner into a cosy nook which will be the envy of your friends.

Classy Café Chairs: Easy Design Elements

For café chairs to work for your advantage, they must be good looking enough to convince even you, so put real human effort into obtaining the best quality pair or sets of café chairs possible for your budget. Proper café chairs must fit into the budget and fit into the holistic design idea of your house or establishment.

Be open-minded and consider the options available. Going large is better than going less where café chairs are concerned. Whether using café chairs in a home setting or an actual café, think “size matters”. In a real café setting whether outdoors or indoors, café chairs should realistically be able to comfortably seat a medium built person at least. Anything less than that is unthinkable. The objective of café chairs is to provide homey sitting while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in somebody else’s house or a café, so your café chairs should never be hideously small. Would you or anybody for that matter like to be squeezed in café chairs without enough seat and back coverage while sipping a beloved beverage or tucking in a comfort food? Coffee or tea corners might as well as be called “lazy corners”, where people are never in a hurry to finish any drinking or any business at all and for that reason, never attempt to furnish that privileged space with small café chairs, they must not, at all costs, be less than the spatial needs of the lazy rear.

Consider accenting your café chairs with suitably sized homely drapes or throw pillows to imitate a living room, or actually be a mini version of one. Placing the café chairs in close proximity to a bookshelf or a display cabinet just screams “country” or chic, contrary to popular belief that such placement of café chairs is most suitable to Grams or Gramps or Mum knitting away or dozing off while halfway through a book. The image of old folks whiling the day away nestled in home-style café chairs is an outdated one, as café chairs are very popular with people of all ages from kids pretending to be grownups to adults pretending to be kids.

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