Trestle tables

Ideal for special occasions where a short time for preparation is needed. Trestle tables are collapsible and portable.

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Today, still admired by many people, these tables have evolved to serve both their purpose as well as an added aesthetic in a room or in an event. These easily collapsible but sturdy tables could serve as buffet tables during parties, or gift tables during a baby shower; indeed, a table that could serve everyone. Regardless of how small or big the event is, every guest expects to see the best kind of table since this is where they will be staying for most of the time. Trestle tables nowadays offer optimum purpose whilst giving beauty and elegance.
When choosing an appropriate trestle table, you have to consider the nature of the activity that you will use them for. Depending on your needs, you can first measure the place where you will use these. These types of tables usually come in large sizes; they are rectangular in shape and could occupy a large. The good thing about trestle tables is that some furniture companies offer tables that are height adjustable. Usually, 6-8ft tables are the more popular ones.
HC Commercial Furniture offers you trestle tables that are both unique in design as well as sturdy for weight bearing. One of these, the Rieti, offers long slick rectangular form that could be used for any occasion. Another variation, the Folding Office Table, as it name implies, could be use on offices that require weight bearing tables for stacks of papers or documents. Chrome steel plating frames this table, adding to its strength as wells as design. On the other hand, the Taranto is a small table ideal for family use. Alternatively, it can be used for serving drinks or snacks.
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