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Dry Bar Tables – Convenient, Comfortable & Stylish

HCCF Commercial Furniture Industrial Scaffold Style Dry Bar

At HCCF Commercial Furniture, we offer an extraordinary wide range of bar tables. They can be short sitting only two people but can also be long and accommodate eight or more people opposite one another. The most popular bar table we specialize in is the dry bar table, which has become a very popular type of furniture for many cafe & restaurants owners. They are convenient, comfortable and stylish in any venue for that exquisite dining experience or just to have a few drinks around

How to select the best bar table

At HCCF Commercial Furniture we offer an astounding array of modern, classic and funky dry bar tables made from timber, marble, quartz, all fashioned to perfection. The timber model is exceedingly attractive but the marble and quartz are more durable and not easily susceptible to scratches from falling objects. Spills have hardly any impact on them. So how to choose the right style of dry bar for you venue. Perhaps starting with the style you are drying to achieve. Is it an industrial style you are trying to achieve, or maybe a Scandinavian look. Are these dry bars going to be placed outside in the courtyard or alfresco? Or are they for indoor use only? Which ever style you choose we are here to help create the perfect dry bar for your space. Next is to consider the size of the dry bar. How many people can you fit in your venue and how many do you want to fit? Its not ideal to pack too many people into your venue as this will diminish the atmosphere and be uncomfortable for your patrons. Have a look at our article of “Which size table should I order?” This will help give you insight as to what sizes work in most spaces.Outdoor Dry Bar Set 9

Stools to match the table

Depending on the height of the table you buy, the stools that accompany it should be built to match its size and weight. If the table is heavy and firm looking and is able to withstand a lot of weight and pressure, the accompanying stool should also be made of the same material, this does not only present a look of uniformity, but it also offers additional stability and strength to the whole table. Another benefit is the occupants will not suffer any inconvenience from a continuously rocking or moving table while serious discussions are taking place among several people.

Not only one but several

Having one dry bar table in your venue will looking stunning and very inviting, but imagine having more than one dry bar! Seeing that your patrons will have choice of seating to choose from will not only give your customers freedom of choice (if the availability is there!!) but it will also encourage more customers into your venue. Most of our dry bars can allow for 2 extra stools at each end, this means these dry bars wont take up any extra space on busy days or nights. Be sure to allow for your customers to walk around. How about a ready made buffet table? These dry bar tables can make excellent buffet tables for functions and private parties.

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