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Club Chairs – No End to Design, Pattern and Purpose

Hardly any club can function properly or attract the attention of its members if its interior spaces are not fitted with new, enticing and comfortable furnishings. A club should be suitably furnished with the right type of chairs and tables. The chairs must be strong, sturdy and durable as well as providing comfort and relaxation to club members. HC Commercial Furniture has chairs galore that fit this description. It expertly produces club chairs with just the right kind of design, pattern and purpose.

It was not always like this

The club chair that we see today was once embodied within the cumbersome, low slouching armchair liberally stuffed with padding and all covered with black leather. They were the prime seats of the rich and bourgeois classes of France all clothed in fancy tuxedos, smoking the latest of cigars and drinking fine cognac and liqueurs. Fortunately, however, the club chairs of today have been transformed into a host of uniquely modern looking chairs gracing the interior spaces of many clubs.

An enormous array of club chairs

HC Commercial Furniture can proudly tout a total of 18 different club chairs, all exquisitely made to suit every preference and occasion. For a company to produce such an array of club chairs, all different in style and design, bespeaks of a company steeped in traditional finesse and know how It reflects a company’s uncanny ability of turning, marble, steel, wood, quartz and aluminium into fine furniture of comfort and relaxation. HCCF has proven it skills by making club chairs of impeccable quality and durability unmatched anywhere.

Comfort is still the essence

The makers of commercial furniture like HC Commercial Furniture view comfort as the overall controlling factor in their manufacture of their club chairs and all their other furnishings. The chairs are made more comfortable with the latest padding techniques and double spring support for seat, back and arm rests. HCCF is totally unmatched in its ability of embedding these techniques into the framework of its club chairs.

Modern upholstery with a traditional tinge

No furniture can look uniquely special without the presence of tradition. In fact, it is because furniture has been created in the image of yesteryear’s furniture that today’s furniture actually echo the elegance of the past. Sure, modern furniture is far sturdier and more durable but they all depict past styles and forms which never seem to leave us and the furniture experts at HC Commercial Furniture.

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