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A Dazzling Display of Bar Tables

Have you ever, by any chance, taken a glimpse of the current projects that HC Commercial Furniture has on offer for you? If you have you’ll agree the range is impeccable and astounding. If you haven’t, just take a casual tour of the website and see for yourself the many dazzling, enticing and totally enthralling sight that stares back at you. HCCF is truly a provider of commercial furniture to be reckoned with. One of its specialty areas is providing unique bar tables.

Reminiscing a national legacy

For every Australian a ‘Pub’ was one of the most frequented pastime hangouts from way back. It’s a decent sized comfortable area where people can sit around tables or at the bar counter over glasses of beer, talk and relax. These days, the scene is practically the same except for one very important detail. If you look carefully at the furniture, you’ll notice they are totally tailor made for a pub. They are sturdy and strong with superior design and a fine finish. This is how HCCF makes its bar tables and chairs these days and one colossal product it makes is the dry bar table.

A perfect table for the home, apartment or pub

HCCF produces a stupendously wide range of 50,000 products and one of them is the exquisitely built dry bar table. It is of sleek make that can either be mobile or stationary and made from superb lasting timber or other materials but all custom made to suit your taste. A dry bar table made from marble can add décor to your living room or patio and seat 8 people. You may opt for a shorter table made from quartz that can seat 6 with or one made from solid timber also seating 8 persons. All tables come with matching impeccably designed stools or light streamlined chairs.

The range of furniture is astounding

HC Commercial Furniture does not only make top quality dry bar tables. It also manufactures a wide range of the same furniture that are made in different styles and patterns. There are dry bar tables that can adorn your entertainment rooms for your guests. Appropriately designed dry bar tables can be supplied to suit an outdoor setting. A full counter and mini bar sets can be installed at your wish and you can have your home or garden lavished with a modern or European old world appearance.

Impeccable design

You only have to look at the other style and design of HCCF’s bar tables to know that they are totally skilled in their trade. The Zaron Industrial Bar Table, the Zerbst Stainless Round White and the Zolder Black Bar Tables are just 3 of the wide range of bar tables produces by HCCF. They can grace any room especially yours with their appearance.

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