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Types of Banquet Tables

Banquet tables come in different types and kinds. Although it would seem unimportant for one to know the different types and kinds of banquet tables available, such knowledge has proven to be helpful. Knowing banquet table options is important if one is planning to hold an important gathering or has been assigned the task of preparing the banquet hall. For caterers and function room providers, this type of knowledge is considered basic and highly important.

There are basically four different types of banquet tables namely round banquet tables, straight tables, pedestal round tables and crescent tables. Each of these tables comes in different shapes and sizes. They also serve varied and different purposes.

The round banquet table is probably the most common and is what you usually see or use during special gatherings and banquets. Round banquet tables are often preferred for formal occasions to accommodate a good number of guests. Guests are able to see and converse with each other without much difficulty. This is partly due to the shape and the seating arrangement which is also circular. Round banquet tables can measure 60 inches to 72 inches wide in diameter. The 60-inch wide round table can comfortably seat up to 8 people while the 72-inch wide will be able to accommodate up to 10.

Straight tables, which are also referred to as rectangular or multipurpose tables are also common sights in a banquet hall. They are often used for buffet displays and showcase several delicious dishes for guests to choose from and munch on. On some occasions, these types of banquet tables are also used for classroom style seating. Sizes can be 60 inches or 72 inches which typically measure 30 inches in width and 29 inches in height.

Pedestal round tables are also popular options for special gatherings. Most of the time, this type of banquet table is used during media events, wine parties or networking events. This is because pedestal round tables are made for standing events without having to deal with heavy plates with full meals. Instead, they are tailored to accommodate wine glasses and foods which are usually pica-pica or in the form of appetizers. These tables are usually 29 to or 36 inches tall.

Crescent tables are basically kidney-shaped tables are often used in banquets for buffet displays. They have also become a popular option for those intending to put up dessert tables. Although rarely used for seating, crescent tables are sometimes utilized for meetings although their odd shape is not really suited for discussions or dining.

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