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Choosing the Best Banquet Chairs

Every banquet does not only need durable banquet tables but good quality banquet chairs as well. The only exception to this is standing events which require little to no seating at all. However, it is helpful to note that even standing events will need some form of seating to accommodate guests who would rather take a seat instead of hanging around the round pedestal tables.

Banquet chairs, like tables, come in many different forms and sizes. They also come in different colors and can be made of various materials. The most commonly used materials for banquet chairs are metal and plastic.

If you are one of the many people who are running a catering business, it is best to invest in high quality banquet chairs. Banquet chairs and banquet tables are essentials that every caterer cannot do without. Since these types of furniture are considered investments and part of the capital in your catering business, it is wise to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting them.

Like any other type of furniture, banquet chairs can have several advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of material they are made with. Metal banquet chairs are highly popular but are a bit bulky and on the heavy side. They are also prone to rust, discoloration and squeaky noises if not properly maintained. Because of this, most caterers veer away from metal banquet chairs. Their high cost of maintenance will take a toll on your earnings since you will have to spend on lubricants and regular chemical treatments to prevent rust. Most metal banquet chairs also call for cushions which would mean additional costs. Amidst all these disadvantages, metal banquet chairs are still sometimes preferred due to their elegant look and design.

Another type of banquet chair which is probably the most widely used are the plastic banquet chairs. These types of chairs are quite durable and not prone to rust unlike the metal ones. They are also fairly easy to maintain. These chairs are very sturdy and durable. Most caterers swear they last for years without breaking. These types of banquet chairs are very easy to store and stack which makes them perfect for those running a catering business. However, plastic banquet chairs are a bit more expensive compared to metal banquet chairs. They also have a plastic look and feel to them which makes them look a bit cheap. This may be one of the reasons why most plastic banquet chairs are covered with various cloth and fabric patterns.


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