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Wide Selection of Stacking Chairs at HC Commercial Furniture

Stacking chairs have got to be one of the most popular types of chair there is – and for a very good reason too. This is because stacking chairs are able to save significant amounts of space. They can be stacked one on top of the other making them very convenient for large and small gatherings.

Lots of commercial establishments make use of stacking chairs. From restaurants, bars, hotels, banquet facilities and even churches, the presence of stacking chairs in these establishments is no longer something to be surprised about.

Having ample space is very important in gatherings. Parties and other occasions will not be enjoyable if the area where the gathering is held has narrow space. Stacking chairs can be the solution to this common problem. They are easy to move about and store. Should the gathering need more chairs than expected, a lot of these handy stacking chairs can be put out. Stacking chairs can also sit neatly on one corner should extra chairs not be needed for the occasion. The point is, this type of chair is very convenient and conducive for all types of occasions.

HC Commercial Furniture offers a good number of stacking chairs to choose from. Stacking chairs at HC Commercial Furniture are made with various materials such as steel, aluminum, polypropylene, wood and other metals. They are available in different designs as well.

One particular stacking chair design which has grown popular among our clients is the Bolero Aluminum Stacking Chair which is a combination of aluminum and wicker. This model is rust proof and weather resistant, making it a great stacking chair for gatherings held outdoors. It is also lightweight and easy to store.

The Bolero and Aluminum and Ash Wood Chair is also quite popular. This model of HC Commercial Furniture’s stacking chair makes use of a lightweight aluminum frame, heavy tubular frames and ash wood for its seat and back. Like the Bolero Aluminum Stacking Chair, this chair is easy to store and is lightweight too.

There are other models of stacking chairs available at HC Commercial Furniture. All stacking chairs are proudly made by the company ensuring high quality in terms of material and craftsmanship. Stacking chairs posted on our website are also in stock and readily available whenever you need them. HC Commercial Furniture ships Australia-wide and has been a premium supplier of various restaurant furnishings for years.

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