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Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture

With the impressively wide selection of furniture the market offers these days, it is no wonder that plastic, usually in the form of polyvinyl chloride or PVC has made its way into the furniture industry. Sure enough, there are lots of plastic furniture pieces available in the market today ranging from chairs to shelves! But just like any other type of material, plastic also has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Plastic Furniture

One very compelling reason to buy plastic furniture is the price. Since PVC is usually massively produced and cheaply obtained, furniture made from this material is relatively cheaper compared to furniture made out of other materials such as wood, metal, aluminum and many others. Plastic furniture is also much more durable compared to counterparts made of other materials. Wood, for example is a very good material for furniture. Aside from the earthy tone and the classic look, wood can be easily designed and styled to whatever it is you have in mind. However, the one thing that makes wood a tricky buy is that it is prone to termite infestation and has to be regularly maintained with varnishing and other chemicals. Plastic furniture, on the other hand, is virtually strong and unbreakable making it a very durable furniture material. There is also not much to say when it comes to maintenance as all it needs is occasional cleaning with soapy water and a wipe cloth. Due to its material, this kind of furniture is often the choice for restaurants and other establishment which have outdoor settings. Exposure to the sun and the rain will not take a toll on plastic furniture – well, not as much as these elements would spell disaster on furniture made of wood!

Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture

The only disadvantage of plastic furniture is that there isn’t really that much option when it comes to design. Since this kind of furniture is massively produced, manufacturers usually stick to only a few moldings for the PVC. This can greatly limit your choice of furniture when it comes to design but definitely not to color. PVC can assume lots of different colors but are quite difficult to tweak in terms of design. Plastic furniture does not only come cheap but often times looks and feels cheap as well. Most of the time, it does not emit the same aura of elegance and style that wooden, aluminum and metal furniture gives off.

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