Cafe Chairs

HC Commercial Furniture can help you with all your cafe chairs!
Here are some of our cafe chairs selection:

Cafe chairs can be an easy matter to take care of with HC Commercial Furniture while choosing furniture for your restaurant or locale. We try to be as helpful as possible when it comes to you making this important choice. While helping you choose, our experts take into account the decoration, style and feel of your establishment, so that your cafe chairs can reflect the exact style you aim to portray.

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HC Commercial Furniture recommends that you choose your cafe chairs along with your tables of choice. Most tables come with matching chairs so that you don’t have to pick a different set of chairs and guess if the chairs will match the table. This makes matters much easier when choosing cafe chairs.

Of course, there are times when only the chairs need replacement and not the tables – for cases like this, our team of experts will present you with all of the possible choices that match your existing tables or furniture. Our chairs come in different types of materials, such as wood, steel and even plastic! You can also find most of our models in more than one colour to match any style you may be looking for.
Top Quality

Not only do we have various options to consider when it comes to colours and styles of chairs, but our furniture is made only of the highest quality materials and crafted by expert craftsmen from Italy and Asia. The leather, hardwood and steel that makes up the build of our cafe chairs is carefully crafted and put together to form durable and long-lasting chairs.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident with the quality and make of our furniture that we offer you a 1 or 2 year guarantee depending on the furniture piece. The guarantee gives you the benefit of exchanging any damaged chair for a new one or if your piece is no longer available in stock, we will fix it at no extra charge if the chair is faulty because of faulty built during its production.
For more information about our guarantee system, take a look at the guarantee’s terms and conditions of each piece by HC Commercial Furniture so that you know the benefits that apply to you with the purchase of each individual piece by HCCF. All pieces have different periods of time for the guarantee’s validity.