VERY IMPORTANT – We buy our marble in big slabs with the tops already polished. We then cut the marble and hand polish the sides. We do not have the $3Million machine that polishes the tops. Because it is handled several times in the factory and we use clamps to hold both the top and underside of the stone , sometimes the tops arrive slightly scratched. This cannot be helped. This is why we only supply the fully sealed resin coated marble tops

to all other companies. We will not authorise any return for a scratched top (unless it’s really damaged) If in doubt don’t buy natural finish. All sales people must be aware of the environment it’s going into. Wanting an unsealed stone top scratch free will immediately become scratched in a restaurant environment.

Clients who buy unsealed marble don’t mind the imperfections. It’s part of buying a natural stone and they appreciate it will age.

Black marble

1. Black marble is softer than white marble. Again, we actually glue our substrate to a fibreglass sheet which is glued to the underside of the top. This gives additional strength.

2. Due to it’s soft nature and the fact that it’s so easily scratched, it is ONLY available as a sealed option and in limited sizes

3. Our black marble has white streaks through it. Again, each piece has a natural random pattern.


1. This is a much more suitable finish for a restaurant environment and 99% of clients.

2. Our resin coating completely seals the top. It has anti scratch and UV resistant qualities making it more durable and easy to maintain. Already our clients are providing very favourable feedback.

3. The resin coating negates the need for stone care products. A normal cleaner is fine. Our Lithofin products are still good though because they’re streak free and also good for stainless steel and engineered stone.

4. The finish slightly dulls the whiteness in colour. It’s barely noticeable but it’s there. You will have samples of both finished to compare tops.

5. How we do it – we sand back and scratch the whole top surface of our natural polished marble and then pour the resin mix over. This covers and hides all the scratches. This then dries to a hard and glossy finish.

6. Resin sealed tops are available in black although minor scratching can be seen in some tops from the cutting and polishing process.

7. It’s an expensive process for us to do hence the price difference. It costs us an additional 50%. This has not fully been on charged to you because we want to maintain its affordability.

Other points

1. Minimum Order Qty – Always 2 in smaller sizes because the tops arrive in crates of 2 and 3. Just ask us when discussing larger sizes or confirming your order.

2. All orders over 10 tops receive a free Lithofin Easy Care Kit (as in your showroom) worth $75

3. Qualification of unsealed or resin coated tops with the client is of paramount importance.

These are good honest products. They’re a high end look and at an affordable price – an alternative to other materials. We value your continued support.

It’s so important that your end user clients understand the product before buying. This reduces any after sales complaints or misunderstandings that could put you in an awkward position either with us or your client. For any other questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We are here to support you.